Tart Mgzn


Tart magazine technically began with a Facebook post in January 2017. Alicia Tan wanted to know if anyone would form a creative writing workshop with her—all storytellers were welcome. Co-workers, friends, and friends of friends gathered in Brooklyn to puzzle out the roughest, dearest, most personal parts of our creative selves.

For two years, Chloe Bryan, Kathryn Cardin, Kendyl Kearly, Vicky Leta, Cailey Rizzo, and Alicia met to lend books, share articles, and confer on everything from Alison Bechdel to the Grimes/Musk coupling. Over pizza and several bottles of rosé per night, we challenged each other, braced criticism, suffered through online prompts, occasionally were inspired by said online prompts and, eventually, got a little better.

After some time, we had a stockpile of stories to share and poems we’d reread enough to know by heart. They needed a home, one that didn’t necessarily include a university or far-off judges. Despite their dissimilarity, it felt fitting that our stories should live in the same unruly space to conflict with and complement each other. And we thought other New York writers and artists might like the same chance.

We founded Tart with the intention of offering a New York-based medium for as many voices as we could fit in, particularly those that are often marginalized. We also hope to make space—through events, workshops, partnerships with local nonprofits, and more—for those looking for community and inclusion, particularly in a city where those things can feel hard-won. We'd love to welcome you into the Tart world. Go ahead—all storytellers welcome.